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Nicolaas Vroom
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Default Sagittarius A*, S62 and S1.

Sagittarius A* is considered a large Black Hole at the center of
the Milky Way. Around this BH a certain number of Stars (or mini
Black Holes) are circulating. One star is Called S62 which has a
revolution time of 10 years. A Second Star is called S1 which has
a revolution time of 166 years, which means that during 1 revolution
of S1, S62 makes roughly 17 revolutions. As part of my on going
interest in the movement of stars I have written a program which
simulates the the movement of maximum of 10 stars around Sagittarius
A*. What the simulation shows is that during one revolution of S1
the minimum distance between S62 and Sagittarius A also changes in
accordance i.e. one cycle. The whole pattern reflects the emission
of gravitational waves emitted by S1 which influence the behaviour
of S62. All the stars circulating around Sagittarius A* show that
same behaviour. The simulation is based on Newton's Law and is
written in Visual Basic which runs under the 'umbrella' of Visual
Studio 2019.

To observe the results of the simulation please select this link:

It is possible to study the simulation using Zoom if requested.

Nicolaas Vroom