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"BradGuth" wrote in message
On Nov 4, 11:44 am, Double-A wrote:
It is finally Election Day. The ballots have been stuffed, the voting
machines have been rigged, and the computers have been secretly
reprogrammed. The last minute smear pamphlets have been hung on the
doorknobs overnight, the pool tax signs have gone up, and the goons
have been deployed to the polling places to look over your shoulder
hand help you make the "right" choice. Republicans have been reminded
to vote Nov. 4th, and Democrats have been reminded that THEIR day to
vote is Nov. 5th. So we are in for another rip-snortin' all American
election! Vote early and vote often and rest assured that however you
vote, the outcome of the election is in good hands. The Supreme Court
is standing by, so may the best foreign born candidate win!


An across the board 10%/year budget cut shouldn't be all that
insurmountable, unless you folks don't intend to give an inch without
a good and bloody fight.

How much time before BHO gets your JFK treatment?

JFK's only claim to fame was that he shtupped that Monroe chick. Other than
that, he became an overblown martyr, compliments of Lee Harvey Oswald.
BHO, however, wouldn't make a pimple on JFK's ass.