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Chris L Peterson
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On 25 Apr 2005 03:14:12 -0700, "phoenix" wrote:

Theoretically. Is it possible to construct a telescope using
holographic lens such that you flick a switch and the lens
just formed at the front. I like the idea of a very lightweight
0 wave error 6" refractor that I can carry at my back when
hiking and just putting it on the equally lightweight image
stabilizer mount when the sky has a great view.

In 4000 A.D. Can the above occur.. theoretically??

If you mean some sort of projected lens, no, that doesn't seem possible
(at the least, it would depend on technology and physics not yet

But certainly, holographic lenses are already used in a variety of
optics, including devices with optical properties that can be changed
electronically. Many laser pointers use holographic lenses, and
holographic mirrors create the moving beam pattern in supermarket
checkout scanners. At the chip scale, holographic optics are used to
focus and steer light in complex ways.

The only things standing in the way of a complete holographic telescope
are engineering issues (not physics issues). But such a telescope would
probably not offer many advantages over a conventional design, and might
have certain serious optical problems, so I don't see anyone rushing to
invest heavily in this type of instrument.


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