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William McHale wrote:
phoenix wrote:

Theoretically. Is it possible to construct a telescope using
holographic lens such that you flick a switch and the lens
just formed at the front. I like the idea of a very lightweight
0 wave error 6" refractor that I can carry at my back when
hiking and just putting it on the equally lightweight image
stabilizer mount when the sky has a great view.

In 4000 A.D. Can the above occur.. theoretically??

You have been watching too much Star Trek . Theoretically I see no

a "holographic" telescope could work. Light can't impact the path of


Hmm.. that's right... refraction of light depends on the difference
between the speed of light of the mediums and the continued
absorptions and emissions of the electrons from the photons.

There are ways that theoretically one could bend light without a

lens; but they would involve manipulating the fabric of space time


Strong mass can bend light. Maybe putting heavy neutron star matter
at the periphery of the tube?? But then it's no longer lightweight
unless 4000 A.D. technology has developed antigravity so you can
take it along with you as well as higgs field suppressor to prevent
the heavy neutron star mass from being formed while being carried.

If not possible. Maybe they will have their own version of AP Traveller
with unbreakable unscratcheable glass with 0 wavefront error correction

I heard that science can extend life indefinitely within 30 years with
advances in genetic and nanotechnology. Would Roland Christen with his
billions be recipient of this immortal technological upgrade to the
human body?