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On 25 Apr 2005 03:14:12 -0700, "phoenix" wrote:

Theoretically. Is it possible to construct a telescope using
holographic lens such that you flick a switch and the lens
just formed at the front. I like the idea of a very lightweight
0 wave error 6" refractor that I can carry at my back when
hiking and just putting it on the equally lightweight image
stabilizer mount when the sky has a great view.

In 4000 A.D. Can the above occur.. theoretically??


No. I don't care what they could do on the Enterprise holodeck, it
was all nonsense. But, maybe a ring of controllable and tiny black
holes around the periphery of the objective opening could be used to
"bend light" to achieve the results you're looking for. Kind of like
how an electron microscope uses magnets instead of lenses to
manipulate electrons.