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Default United States Falling Behind EVERYONE In Physics, Science,Rockets, EVERYTHING.

On Sep 6, 7:53 pm, kT wrote:

One look at NASA's Orion on Ares I (Constellation) and it's easy to see,
up front and personal, the tragic and inevitable decline of science,
physics and rocketry in the United States. The rest of the world has
already noticed, but Americans are too wrapped up in their vanities to
see what is already glaringly obvious to the most casual of observers.

I'm going to try to codify this phenomenon in a research proposal.

Perhaps it can be reversed, but I doubt it.

Thirty years of Reagan Idiocracy.

Were we really ever ahead?

Remove our imported or if you'd like outsourced Zionist/Nazi DARPA,
and what exactly do we really have?

~ Brad Guth Brad_Guth Brad.Guth BradGuth BG