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Default United States Falling Behind EVERYONE In Physics, Science,Rockets, EVERYTHING.

On Sep 17, 7:02 am, Damaeus wrote:
In news:sci.physics, BradGuth posted on Sat, 13
Sep 2008 04:41:00 -0700 (PDT):

On Sep 13, 3:10 am, Damaeus wrote:

I don't doubt it. After my experience on a mailing list with retards,
the USA deserves to fall behind.

Deserving to fall behind is perhaps too simple and polite. We've more
than done it to ourselves multiple times, and we thereby have no one
other to blame.

Yes, Americans seem to have some strange need to feel inferior to
everyone else in the world. I want to find out why.

When living a lie, nothing much figures the way it should.

Most Americans are living a lie, and too mainstream snookered as well
as dumbfounded past the point of no return at that.

I think people are coming out of it. It's just agitating having to
wait for it to complete itself.


It's called truth-lag. You and I might not live nearly long enough to
see the total consequences or benefits of even what little truth-lag
manages to catch up.

Religion and government each have their reasons to extend each of
their truth-lags (sometimes of one and the same) for as long as

~ BG