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Default ..New Space-Race to the Moon..History is (Tragically) Repeating Itself

"Brian Thorn" wrote in message
On Wed, 28 Nov 2007 07:23:05 -0500, "Jonathan"

Observe from the moon? Look at the best Earth-based images of the
moon. That sort of resolution is useless, militarily, and that
resolution comes from huge observatories on Earth far in excess of
anything humans will be able to build on the moon in the next 50
years. There is no military rationale for a base on the moon. None.
Zip. Nada. No matter how many "Bush is Evil" and "China is about to
take over the world" nutjobs try to say there is.

You're not keeping up with the news. Our military advertizes
it's desire to militarize space as rapidly, and in every way
possible. It's not even a close question. You don't know
what our military policies are. Just read their own
statements. This statement is from just last week.....
and is on the front page of their web site.

It's not like their keeping is secret for crying out loud.

"The sky is no limit'; AFSPC welcomes new leader

PETERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. -- "Space capabilities
have shaped the American way of warfare in the 21st century,
just like airpower did in the 20th," said Gen. C. Robert Kehler
as he assumed command of Air Force Space Command in
a ceremony here Oct. 24 presided over by Air Force Vice
Chief of Staff Gen. Duncan J. McNabb.

And read on, from their Stategic Statememt for '07.

"Americans have come to rely on the unhindered use of
space-they will demand no less in the future. To protect
the space domain and deliver effects, Air Force Space Command
is pursuing investments in an array of capabilities. The United
States is committed to supporting the peaceful use of space
by all; however, prudence demands we ensure our Nation, Allies
and coalition partners have unobstructed access to space

"We know we will be challenged in the future-both by those who wish
to do us harm and by our own resource limitations. It no longer takes a
sophisticated adversary to impact space and ground systems..."

"We have a duty to secure the entire space domain.not just for
our own military.but for our Nation and for the benefit of the
free world. To do this, we must focus our efforts on two
objectives - improved space situational awareness and
enhanced command and control. First, we must achieve true
space situational awareness.the ability to not only track
and catalog any object, but also to determine its capabilities,
purpose and intent. Only when we've obtained a clear picture
of the entire space environment will we fully realize our
second objective - enhanced command and control over
space assets.

And on and on it goes, the gloves are off since the China asat
test that militarizing space is a top priority. Combine statements
like that which this new and otherwise useless race back to the
moon and it becomes pretty clear what's going on.

Everyone is going to the moon because it is relatively cheap and easy
to do, and has a quick payoff.

What payoff is that? Moon rocks? Why go there?

Everyone seems to forget, no one in NASA has
yet to make a reasonable argument for going
there. Tell me /exactly/ how society will benefit.
What is the plan once we get there? A moon
base will do what for our economy...exactly?
It will help lower costs to orbit how....exactly?
It will help with our domestic or foreign policy
issues in ...exactly...which way?
You can't answer these questions.

However, the military is quite excited about moving
out into space.

When the NASA administrator stated his case, it
came down to Faith, that somehow going to the
moon will enable...something....great.
The same empty promises given for the ISS.
And we see how that is turning out, a make-work
program designed to do nothing but keep
aerospace jobs.

At best the vision is another make-work program
At worst an incredibly wasteful new cold war-like

Either way, those are the two worst reasons
to go back one can find. There are better
uses for our space program.

Combine that with Putin's recent statement
that missile defense reason.

Three or four days, and your probe is
there. Politicans are happy.

Sorry, Jonathan. I have to agree with the crowd here. You've totally
lost it. Step away from the computer. Put down the Loony Conspiracy
Theory book. Stop drinking the Military Industrial Complex Is Out To
Get Us koolaid. Turn off the Art Bell Show. Go outside, walk around
the block a few times. Go see a movie. Let your brain filter out all
that crap that's in there. :-)

Sorry, but this project is Lockheeds show, it's their baby.
And Lockheed IS the military industrial complex.
Why are such simple facts and reasoning beyond you?