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Default ..New Space-Race to the Moon..History is (Tragically) Repeating Itself

"Joe Strout" wrote in message
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"Jonathan" wrote:

First Bush and his Vision to the moon, then Japan, India
and now China all gearing up to go back to the moon.


The same reason for Apollo, we were in a ....military...race
with the Soviets. The Cold War. Now....the reason everyone
is going back to the moon???


Is it just me, or is everyone else's kook meter starting to swing harder
at Jonathan's postings too?

I neglected to link to the article my post was based on.
Perhaps the loon you're referring to is the expert from
the Naval War College? Or perhaps you folks are
unable to comprehend a rather simple statement?

The space race to the moon isn't about us, it's
about power. It's a military race. Are you folks
that ignorant about politics? Or are you just
afraid to think for yourself?

Which is it? If you disagree with my characterization
of our space policy, how so, and why?

I mean can't anyone here even put forward a
coherent rebuttal? Even a simple-minded one?

Simply replying ..."you're full of it" is what children do
in the playground. Tell me someone here is above
that level. Because I don't see it.

China now part of space race
McClatchy News Service

"Fifty years after the first space race pitted the United States
against the Soviet Union, the three Asian nations are locked
in their own space race of sorts. The competition isn't only
about scientific achievement; it's also about regional

''Technology is being used to convince other countries in
the region of who is the regional leader,'' said Joan
Johnson-Freese, an expert on China's space program
at the Naval War College in Rhode Island"

Let's see, based on the responses to this post so far
I expect the next replies to be along the lines of...
....I smell bad, my mommie is stupid, sticks and stones
and oh yes, taking their bat and ball and going home.

Bunch of children...sheez. As usual, unable to
distinquish between meaning and form.


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