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Chris L Peterson
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Default Planet near Proxima Centauri (Travel time)

On Wed, 22 Feb 2017 03:27:37 -0800 (PST), Gary Harnagel

If you believe that, you are a genuinely scary person. I hope they
don't let you be around other people unsupervised.

I feel the same way about YOU because you have one less restraint on your
behavior than I do.

I have excellent restraint on my behavior- restraints that are
grounded in objective reason. You, on the other hand, are perhaps like
Abraham- willing to commit any crime if a voice in your head requires
it. That is scary.

I have "supported" AGW? Not sure what that means.

Oh, come on, Peterson! You know EXACTLY what I'm referring to. Google
keeps a record. Your one-less-restraint is raising its ugly head.

I can guess. But your comment isn't coherent enough to be certain what
you mean.

In any case, your ranting on about AGW when it has nothing to do with
my comments above simply reveals obsessive fixation on me or my ideas,
and makes you look pretty foolish here.