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Default Planet near Proxima Centauri (Travel time)

On Tue, 21 Feb 2017 03:38:35 -0800 (PST), Gary Harnagel

Nihilistic nonsense. AGW will certainly not be the cause of such
extinction, so why are you so adamant about it?

You don't actually know what nihilism is, do you?

If you believe that the race cannot survive in the long run, then you have
no basis for morals or values.

If you believe that, you are a genuinely scary person. I hope they
don't let you be around other people unsupervised.

And where does AGW enter in? Some obsession of yours? I didn't mention it,
and I'm not talking about it.

You have vigorously supported it in other threads.

I have "supported" AGW? Not sure what that means. But it's irrelevant,
since I'm not discussing it here. This is apparently the product of
some obsession of yours.