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Default special relativity's second postulate is invalid

On Jan 12, 1:07 pm, Koobee Wublee wrote:
On Jan 12, 7:17 am, Tom Roberts wrote:

One of the requirements of the GPS is that GPS time remain equal to UTC within
one microsecond, modulo leap seconds (UTC uses them, GPS does not).

Years of educating Tom, he has finally given in that this
synchronization of clocks between the ground and the satellites.

Again, what has to be synchronized among the GPS satellites is the
calendar time not the clocks feeding the calendar time as Koobee
Wublee has explained in the following post. shrug

Maintaining any calendar time, such as the satellite internal time or
the UTC, to within 1usec is an engineering challenge that certainly
does not involve any relativity. It involves a clever software
algorithms and protocols similar to the IEEE1588. Of course, the
clock feeding the calendar time has to be much higher than 1MHz which
is easily achievable. shrug

Tom, you need to understand technologies better instead of embracing
the occult science everytime he are lost about how things can be
done. There are no mystical laws of physics involved with the GPS or
any infrastructures that require such type of synchronization in
calendar time. shrug

Since the calendar time is accumulated by the clock, ultimately for
the GPS to function it is the calendar time among the satellites only
that must be synchronized. The other calendar time, the UTC, is
synchronized for applications. shrug

Since the calendar times are to be synchronized, software algorithm
must be implemented to achieve this, and the clock period must be much
greater than the accuracy required by the system. So, synchronizing
the clock just makes no fvcking sense what’s so ever. shrug

Even if you have gone out of your way to synchronize the clocks, you
still have to perform the same software algorithm to synchronize the
calendar time. So, why bother to synchronize the clock. Only morons
would consider doing that. shrug

That is why Tom has had a failed career. He is totally mystified by
SR and GR. shrug