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"Jim Oberg" wrote in message
Feb 5 ISS on-orbit status report:

"As of last night (5:00pm), the Elektron O2 generator was functioning
nominally in 50 amps mode, after both its primary and backup micropumps

shut down yesterday three times over 24 hours. [After the first two times,
the crew was instructed to perform the restart procedure, take the

to the 50-amp mode, wait 30 minutes and then take it back to the 32-amp
mode. The machine would stay on for several hours in the 32-amp mode and
then the pumps would shut down again. The third time, TsUP/Moscow

the crew to restart the unit in 50-amp mode and keep it there overnight.]


Is it reasonable to replace the Elektron with a brand new unit? What is the
lifespan of one of these things anyway?
How long did they last on Mir?