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On Thu, 28 Dec 2017 09:26:04 +0100, (Anders
Eklöf) wrote:

Anders Eklöf wrote:

However, I don't see any posts in the group on their web interface.

Unfortunately, as with loads of other Usenet providers, Easynet don't
let us use their web-interface without joining up.
I really miss Deja-News.
Maybe also Dejah Thoris. But that's probably off-topic.

Which, BTW, I think is because you use uuencode for your binaries, and
Easynews probably only decodes yenc to the web interface.

That may be why you don't see your posts. You should see them with Agent
(mark the group as unread, that's is what I did).

I see the posts with Agent. I have it set to auto-display the images
inside the message window as well as to save them to a directory.
Agent is cool. It's about the best argument for keeping a Windows