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Default Venus/Moon - to Terraform, DNA seed or Not - in spite of whatever you've been told, there's other intelligent life on Venus. Venus simply is NOT insurmountably too hot and nasty.

"William Mook" wrote:

I had astronomy as an undergrad for my general ed physical science requirement; the
professor demo'ed a telescope with just such a device. Surface temp on Venus that day?
885 degrees F. You are correct about the loon known as Mr. Guth. HS or BS, he's full of it.
Just killfile him in the future and be done with him. Leave him to his delusions and let him
wait for the nice fellows in the white coats with a butterfly net to take him to a nice padded
cell with a straightjacket and the appropriate medications. If you're using Google or another
web-to-news service, just ignore him.

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