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On 05/02/2021 15:22, Elassoto wrote:
Gravity is strange. We are constantly being accelerated outward from the
Earth at 1G (of course). This means that we are being constantly being
sucked into a spacetime "vortex", and being held back by the solid
ground under our feet. Although we have the sensation of not moving at
all because of the mass of the Earth, spacetime has a different point of
view. It says you are being accelerated.

What's my point? Well for one, never take your perspective for granted.

We all hope that you meant to say accelerated inward, otherwise it would
mean that we are all leaving Earth behind and flying off into space.

Not so much accelerated inward, but held in position on the surface by a
balance of forces, gravity downward, and an opposing upward force of the
resistance by a solid surface.

I never take my perspective for granted, so that's OK then.

Mike Dworetsky

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