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Clayton Rumley
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Default Unknown Sighting 2007/10/24 - Any Suggestions?

Hello All,

At approximately 08:30 (Central Daylight Time) I was looking at the
contrails of several jets in the sky when I noticed a bright point of light,
azimuth east, altitude approximately 80 degrees. I'm too much of an amateur
to speculate on the magnitude but it was pretty bright.

My location at the time was very close to Latitude: 49.916436,
Longitude: -97.209432.

It appeared to be stationary (or very slow-moving) and as I was on a bus at
the time I only had about 3 or 4 minutes to watch it before the bus turned
and I could no longer see it. My bus dropped me off about 2 minutes later,
but by then I could no longer see it. The sun had already started to rise,
but clouds in the eastern sky were obscuring it. There were no other stars
visible in the sky. During the sighting it may have grown dimmer.

I've seen Iridium flares, and the lack of mobility and the duration of the
sighting leads me to believe I witnessed a planet (maybe Venus?) or a
stationary satellite, but I was unable to determine what it was on Heaven's

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,