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Default I saw something!

On Jul 15, 1:07 am, Skywise wrote:
(DougD) wrote :


it's not possible to actually spot an iridium until it's started it's
flare, so that the normal transit time of maybe a few minutes gets cut
down to the 15-25 seconds when it's most visible.

Re-reading his description, I still doubt it was an Iridium,
unless it was a tumbler - he mentions changing magnitude.

I'd still like to get a better idea of what he means by "moving
quite fast". I think we're just arguing air with a description
like that.

If the original poster is reading this, coudl you describe the
apparent speed better? Perhaps hold out your hand at arms length
and spread your fingers wide - about how long did the sat take
to pass that span? How spans across the sky was the sat visible?


also how I found that "tethered" satellite (if that's what it was)

Sounds like TIPS, which I've never seen.

still has me fairly amazed at having seen something like that, just so
odd.. A triangle of sat's all travelling at the same speed relative to
each other.

That sounds like a NOSS trio. I've seen those.

The most amazing thing I've seen was one of the USA series
spy sats, USA 32 I think it was. Thing looked like it could
have been Pink Floyds mirror ball up there the way it was
sparkling. I'm sure the conspiracy nutz would have had a
field day with that observation.

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Hi there again!!

Sorry for not answering your questions posted throughout this weekend.
I was out traveling.
I understand that there is a mistake on the subject.

In my very first post I reported an iridium flare, though I didn't
still understand what I had seen. That flare lasted quite long, about
50 seconds maybe, I didn't count though. It appeared to be a -3

I also reported in another post that I had supposedly seen a sat just
about a week before I had seen that flare just mentioned. That thing I
was which I thought it was a sat passed really fast, it crossed the
sky within no longer than 10 seconds I believe.

I said it was MAYBE a satelite as I had never had that type of
experience before. Reading your posts I understand it was just an
asteroid, bigger than the average ones we see as shooting stars, that
is why I wondered if that wasn't anything other than an asteroid.

But like I said, it passed too fast.

My first post, I reported to have seen the flare during the morning
time, and the second event was during the night time, right on the
southern hemisphere of a full moon.

I hope I answered all your questions, since when, I thank you all for
all the priceless help you've extended to me. If I say any absurdity,
please forgive me. I just started learning about this hobby, and
still, up here in southern Brazil is very cloudy latelly.

My scope, binos and charts are all shut in the closet awaiting for an
opportunity, which I didn't have yet since my very first posting in
here. I will try to keep up with your postings to either continue
learning a lot from you all and to answer any questions that might
still be unclear concerning my reports due to my bad English.

Thanks folks!