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Default (Poll) Space Tourism

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That Virgin Galactic crap? Where you don't even get into orbit?
Where you are only weightless for five minutes? I'd pay $50 for that
if it were at a theme park... where it belongs.

I wouldn't call it "crap". It is still an experience worth taking. It
is a thrill ride which I would classify along with bungee jumping or
parachuting or maybe like climbing the sydney harbour bridge. Not
something I would refuse to do.

I call it crap. Dumb humans are just too obsessed the with thrills and
rare opportunities bull****.

Um, yeah. You say that like it's a bad thing....

(assuming I'm not missing a 'sarcasm' tag)

And it is not like it is such a good thing either. Humans are like a devolved species.

Are you saying evolution ought to select against seeking novel

Trees may be immune to boredom. We're not.



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