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Dear HST friends and colleagues...

On behalf of the MOD team members here at JSC that have had the privilege of
working with you on past missions, I'd like to express our regrets that the
agency will apparently not be pursuing the planned SM4. The Hubble Space
Telescope represents a cornerstone of achievement on so many levels within
this agency. It is truly a "gem" for us all to celebrate. One could
successfully argue that our success in building ISS in orbit began with the
groundbreaking work in methods, techniques and tools that flowed from
Servicing Mission 1 in 1993... which demonstrated that ambitious orbital
assembly and maintenance by EVA was possible.

I have been fortunate enough to be part of every HST mission the Space
Shuttle Program has flown, from deployment in 1990 through four very
successful servicing missions. I've carried away from that experience
personal and professional relationships with many of you that I will always
treasure, and I count the time spent working on HST as some of the most
personally satisfying of my career.

The HST team has much to contribute to the future of this agency - not the
least of which is keeping HST productive through the next several years. We
are all proud of your team's accomplishments... and look forward to yet more
discoveries in the years to come.

Jeff Hanley
Flight Director Office
NASA Johnson Space Center
281-244-0202 mob. 832-287-6871