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Default It seems that as Dark Energy increases, Dark Matter decreasesastime goes on

Hmm, these replies just recently appeared on my news server, even though
they were posted a month ago.

On 19/11/2012 3:09 PM, dlzc wrote:
Dear Yousuf Kahn:

On Friday, November 16, 2012 4:48:16 PM UTC-7, Yousuf Khan wrote:
My feeling is that the majority of the
effect is just a reshaping of the gravitational
force effects.

OK, but this is not required, is not detectable in the laboratory, and violates the laws of physics not changing over time.

I doubt that this law has been absolutely proven. It may hold true
within our current era, but that's just a localized phenomenon.

then it's got to be an effect of vacuum energy,
just like DE is supposed to be.

That tool is blunted, as previously discussed.
The "energy", and the nature of that "energy"
was unchanged.

No, Dark Energy and Dark Matter might be just
an exchange of negative energy (gravitational
pull) for positive energy (accelerated expansion),
and vice-versa. All of the matter in the universe
is made of positive energy, while all of its
gravitational pull is made of negative energy.

Sorry, this is just so much wind here.

Gravity is often thought of as negative energy. So that leaves
everything else as being made of positive energy.

Zero-energy universe - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

In the Inflationary period, a large amount of
positive push energy pushed the universe out
very quickly, and then that positive energy got
converted into matter

If it was not already matter, no push was required.

The matter would've had to come later, after Inflation ended. That which
is being "pushed", is space itself.

which reduced the positive energy's runaway
pushing by locking it up. That then gave the
negative gravitational energy, which is normally
very randomized and spread out, enough breathing
space to take hold of the universe and begin
slowing it down again.

It didn't slow down, it just didn't expand very fast.

Whatever you say.

Then virtual particles (which are also matter
and anti-matter, thus made of positive energy)

No, they are not. They are massless.

They are virtually massless. They end up cancelling each other's mass,
of course. But I never said anything about having mass, it's not even
relevant, what's relevant is their energy they release.

would start releasing positive energy into
intergalactic voids to begin another, albeit
smaller, pushing effort again.

This is just going downhill, Yousuf.

Inflation occurred before matter appeared,

Based on???

Chronology of the universe - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Inflationary Big Bang would require that the baryons and leptons only
appear after Inflation ended.

Yousuf Khan