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Default Pyramids-How Were They Built and What Do They Serve - Extraterrestrial Knowledge

Andrew W wrote:
casag... wrote in message ...
Aliens had nothing to do with pyramids !

That's your opinion.
Because interstellar distances are FAR too great, as to preclude any
possibility of alien contact, even if they could travel at near light

ETs have been here before we humans were. They helped terraform this world
before it was even fully solid.
Distance = Speed x Time
Do the simple math !
It just can't happen !

Speed restrictions only exist in the 3rd dimension. When you go higher there
is no restriction because there are different laws. Tachyons and other
particles go faster than light.
BTW, this is why we've never been visited by aliens, and never will be.

There are many people around the world who are communicating with them, have
met them and have even been aboard their craft, but you're entitled to your

There is finally some action in accepting that "something has been going on"
for at least the last 100 years.

But it's so far quite hard to even "show" some of the paranormal phenomena
are connected with anything other than native wildlife.

I've been making a study of this for the past year or so. OK, after "seeing
something" myself.

No sooner did I get serious than even the US intel and military establishment
started dropping hints they've known all along there is some hi-tech
group hanging around that can do things no known tech can do. But dont
expect full disclosure for a while.

Even though we "know" something is going on, the data that's easy to
objectively look at (e.g. all the sat data and there's TB of it)
only shows something is moving around our planet. They seem to hang
around at the poles but make side trips here and there. They seem to
have various interesting capabilities like going into volcanoes,
diving into the deepest parts of the ocean, flying in the atm at
very high speeds without disturbing the air, and even getting directly
into space. (Trans media).

If you correlate e.g. UFO sightings against the position of the planets
some show up as highly correlated with sightings. But not the ones we might
think. Saturn is not particularly correlated. People who report UFO's seem
to know saturn and venus have been common explanations for little lights
in the sky. So they seem to avoid reporting Saturn or Venus these days.
The planets that *do* correlate are not even very visible from earth --
Neptune, Uranus and even Pluto.

You can even correlate the positions of these outer planets with
UFO sightings to get an estimate of "trip time". And it turns out -- not FTL.
By a lot.

There are many more things that drop out of the numbers and quite a bit
of it seems to indicate they have been around a while and still use
a 360-day calendar for instance.

Doesn't prove they are human. Doesnt prove they are non-humans.
Don't prove they "come" from Nepture. Doesnt prove they dont.
Doesnt prove they come from other star. But so far they dont show any
great turn of speed that might show they do.

The "big report" is due in June sometime. But from the noises various
officials are making it sounds like all we'll get is a list of
sightings that until now were classified secret so noone would worry
and the stock market would tank.