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On Tue, 13 Nov 2018 08:26:23 -0500, Brian

On Fri, 29 Dec 2017 16:56:17 +0000, Mandy Liefbowitz

On Thu, 28 Dec 2017 09:26:04 +0100, (Anders
Eklöf) wrote:

Anders Eklöf wrote:

However, I don't see any posts in the group on their web interface.

Unfortunately, as with loads of other Usenet providers, Easynet don't
let us use their web-interface without joining up.
I really miss Deja-News.
Maybe also Dejah Thoris. But that's probably off-topic.

Which, BTW, I think is because you use uuencode for your binaries, and
Easynews probably only decodes yenc to the web interface.

That may be why you don't see your posts. You should see them with Agent
(mark the group as unread, that's is what I did).

I see the posts with Agent. I have it set to auto-display the images
inside the message window as well as to save them to a directory.
Agent is cool. It's about the best argument for keeping a Windows

It's been almost a year since this post was made, I was just cleaning
up some inactive folders in my Agent setup - but if you're still
reading, you might like to know that Agent works just fine under Linux
and WINE, the only part of it which doesn't work is the help pages.
I'm currently using Agent 8 running Ubuntu 18.04.

There are some very strange people on these here Interwebbies. Some
of them reply to ancient posts I'd forgotten I posted. It's cool but

I'm glad monitoring the newsgroup doesn't actually cost me any time,
effort or money, just a quick glance when I download new messages, or
I'd have missed you. You are very nice to have responded after so

Thank you for that. I did know that things like WINE and Crossover (a
paid-for GUI of WINE, in a way) will happily run Agent. I've even
tried it in a few *Nixxy OSes. The reason I don't run it under one of
them is sheer idleness. My Last-PC-I'll-Buy is a lovely machine that
came with Win-7 and I've seen no *compelling* reason to get rid of
that OS.
No compelling reason *yet*.
It works barely well enough for me to tolerate its foibles and flaws
so I let well alone.

Agent is well-written software that will run well under most
emulators or bottlers for Windows. It's quite well behaved but it has
the enormous flaw of not having a Mac OS or *Nixxy port. Forté just
don't seem to be interested in minority markets. I think that's a
For anyone wanting to try Agent, this FAQ answer may be useful to
browse first:
it offers advice on getting the thing to work on various flavours of
Windoze and on real OSes.
Oh, and it's probably 32-bit only so newer MacOSes will sneer at it,
though whether that affects bottlers like Crossover or not I will
probably never know.

I *hate* companies that don't provide backwards compatibility paths
for *everything*. It's sheer laziness and arrogance. No, "security" is
no excuse and those of us who want such things are quite aware of the
performance hit so that is a poor excuse, too. Sorry for the ranty-bit
but anything can be made as "secure" as anything else if the OS
writers put the effort into it, all it costs is highly expensive
programmer time. Lots of it.

My other machine is a Macbook with OS Snow Leopard on it. I rather
like that one, too. It's cute. I could run a WINEy thing on that, too,
or even a full Wind-up OS with Parallels or Booty-camper but I don't.
That smacks too much of down-grading a lovely machine. The catty OS is
far more polished than any Windosed OS I've yet seen, even Win-ten. It
"just works", mostly.

I also have a tablet I use as a toy. Android version 4 or so. Yes, I
know Android is up to version seventy-eleven or something but that
tablet tells me I'm "up to date" when I tickle the update button. I'm
not but Sony won't allow it to gobble up any updatier OS. Again, I
*could* jail-break it, root it about and install really cool stuff but
there ain't really no point as I don't use it for anything functional
nor brilliant. It's for play, it hasn't the oomph to do much more.
It's like a more defective puppy withy Alzheimer's than it is a real

I doubt I can add more memory to the tablet, or to the Mac so running
heavy stuff like VM's is possibly not an option. Not that I care to be
bothered to try.

Oh, and I have one of those pretty little notebooks with Win-7 on it
but that just sits there running GIMPS or SETIATHOME or something.
Maybe PROTEINFOLDING. Again, it's a toy compared to my Win-7 desktop
and running a real OS on it is just more work than the reward is
worth. Were I to offer it to someone else, I'd probably put a *Nix on
it so it looked like it was a real PC but I'm not cruel enough to
lumber anyone with so small a device. I only bought it because I could
and because I was interested in playing with it. I still do, though
only when I remember to.

I once spent many fun hours fiddling about with many flavours of *Nix
OSes, and others, in VM's and multiple boots on many different devices
but those days are well gone. I don't play those games no more. I'm
far too old and tired.

I'll leave that for the young gentlemen like you.

Thank you for your note, it was exceedingly kind of you to reply and
it is very much appreciated. I'm sure others reading this NG, if any
still are, will benefit from it.

And *that* after all is the purpose of Usenet.

You're a nice young man.

Take care and Merry Christmas.