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Hey Rick

What do you mean by "this site"?
Usenet is not a site. it's a global network of sorts.
And usenet doesn't delete your posts. Easynews certainly doesn't.
(i see uou post throu Easynews)

Just for a test I just retreived your post of the Necklace from
2011-08-12 (your first?) - from Easynews.
How is that even possible if your posts get deleted?

Usenet service providers (USPs) practise retention on large groups,
Because of the sheer volume of binary groups in general, they either
expire posts after some given time limit - at most 1-2 years, like
Easynews, often much less - or put a volume cap on the largest groups,
or a combination. Most serious USPs apply different limits on different
groups. This group seems unaffected by any limit.
However, I don't see any posts in the group on their web interface.

As for this group, my USP has retained posts as far back as August,
2008, including 530 of your posts over the last 6+ years. Is anything

Makes me wonder who you have been asking. Your USP?
They should have been able to give an answer similar to the above.

WA0CKY wrote:

After this site has constantly deleted my posts and NEVER NEVER
NEVERreplied to my requests as to why they are deleting them I quit
usingthis site a while back. Not as far back as the last post, you see
andthe last one was deleted as well. I expect this one to be deleted

Those following me can still find the posts on Cloudy Nights,
CCD/CMOSAstro Camera Imaging & Processing form
Theydon't delete my posts but don't echo to USENET. Unlike most
otherastronomy forums you can see the images without joining but must join
toreply. I'm working on getting my entire collection of 1500+
imagesonline. A super herculean task but hope to have something going
soon. I'll announce that on the Cloudy Nights forum mentioned above.

Rick-- WA0CKY

I recommend Macs to my friends, and Windows machines
to those whom I don't mind billing by the hour