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On Tue, 26 Dec 2017 17:50:55 +0000, WA0CKY

After this site

Which site?

I'm reading your messages through the Usenet newsgroup. Will I still
be seeing them? If not, then there's probably no reason for me to
bother with Usenet anymore.

has constantly deleted my posts and NEVER NEVER NEVER
replied to my requests as to why they are deleting them I quit using
this site a while back. Not as far back as the last post, you see and
the last one was deleted as well. I expect this one to be deleted as

Those following me can still find the posts on Cloudy Nights, CCD/CMOS
Astro Camera Imaging & Processing form

Nope. Websites are too much like hard work. If that is your only
dumpsite and if you aren't echoing to Usenet, then g'bye.

don't delete my posts but don't echo to USENET. Unlike most other
astronomy forums you can see the images without joining but must join to
reply. I'm working on getting my entire collection of 1500+ images
online. A super herculean task but hope to have something going soon.
I'll announce that on the Cloudy Nights forum mentioned above.

I'd be sorry to see you go from Usenet, but all things seem to end.
Thank you for all of the pretties.