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Default seeking (low cost) HW + SW system for image pixel analysis

In article ,
Raspberry Pi with a camera card.

2. The board has 512 mb to store the images.

The board has 512MB system memory *total*, there's memory consumed
by running Linux, your apps, and part of it is reserved and used by the GPU.

You may wish to find somewhere to offload the images to. The SD card you boot
from (that holds the Linux OS/files/swap space) can be Gigabytes large, so that's
one answer, or you could force them over a wired/wireless network to another computer.

5. The board has wifi for internet

Not built in, you need to add a USB WIFI dongle, and you may need a powered hub
for it to work, current on the USB ports is limited.

9. The camera can sense NIR if a filter is removed.

There are two versions of the camera, the regular one, and the "NOIR"
model, which has the filter factory not-fitted

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