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Default ASTRO: Mystery test

On 7/22/2011 9:10 PM, Geoff wrote:
On Wed, 20 Jul 2011 21:27:59 -0500, Rick

On 7/20/2011 2:51 AM, Bob (not my real pseudonym) wrote:
On Wed, 20 Jul 2011 02:00:11 -0500, Rick

Last time I tried an animated gif it didn't take. That was several
years ago. Time to try again. The mystery is if it will work. If it
does I'll explain further. In the meantime you're free to guess. Image
is heavily cropped. Yes I cropped out the galaxy for band width
purposes trying to keep this small enough to hit all servers.


Works great here (though it doesn't animate when viewed from within

Mars over a few nights?

Bob ^,,^

Not even close and that is a double hint.


I'll go with something topical in the news these days...

4 Vesta?

Same answer: Not even close though only a single hint here as you made
only one guess in your answer. Neither of Bob's guesses were close.

Note I said this dates back to about this time last year. Neither Vesta
or Mars were in the night sky (well Mars was on the horizon) last year
at this time period. I could think of only three possibilities with two
being Mars and Vesta. Thus I gave that clue to rule them out leaving
only the right answer but no one seems to check a planetarium program.
Keep in mind I image within an hour or two of the meridian. That should
greatly narrow down the sky it could be in.

Another hint since they seem to be needed. This was the subject some 45
years ago of a major astronomical discovery that led off the national
news and made major headlines. Later it was proven a false discovery.
That made the back pages if it was news at all. Though today it is
largely forgotten.


Correct domain name is arvig and it is net not com. Prefix is correct.
Third character is a zero rather than a capital "Oh".