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Default Neil DeGrasse Tyson headed down same loony road as Carl Sagan?

On Wed, 10 Oct 2018 08:34:40 +0200, Paul Schlyter

I have not argued anywhere that it is simple to find any answers.

You have a quite unusual definition of simple if you think e.g.
tensor calculus is simple. Yes, the GR theory
uses tensor calculus as an essential part.

Well, in truth, tensor calculus IS simple. That is, it requires
nothing more than following a set of rules. That's why problems are
readily solved by computers.

But that's irrelevant to my point. The laws of nature are simple. GR
is simple. That doesn't require that everyone somehow has the ability
to utilize the tools used to solve problems.

In normal language use, simple implies easy to learn.

That's a very limited use.