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"Robert Williams" wrote:

Hi there Gang,

the 'Scope Coat' has recently come onto the market.

They seem quite a good buy.
Has anyone used one and, if so, what do you think of them?

I need one that:
a) essentially 'seals' the telescope from dust (i.e. the scope coat can be
sealed against the base of the Telescope pillar)
b) can be taken off and put on many times without any damage to
the stitching, coatings, fabric or hem of the cover.
c) allows the Telescope to acclimatise to the ambient temperature
over days or weeks.

So, dies the Scope Coat live up to these requirements?


I bought something called a 'Scope Coat' about 4 or 5 years ago. I
think we're probably talking about the same thing, but don't understand
your statement about it being a new product. Are we talking about
something that's made of what looks like white nylon?

If so, I love mine, although I've heard a lot of complaints from others
that it is not waterproof. Mine works just fine, and also protects from
dust quite well. And yet it's very breathable.

There *ARE* very specific label instructions about how to handle and
wash the cover, in order to retain its waterproof qualities, and I've
followed them carefully. Stitching is also still nice and tight. I
certainly would buy it again. But I warn you again that others don't

Starry Skies,

I've been absent from usenet for awhile because of a couple of family
emergencies, all resolved nicely now. I owe a few people here some
email replies and I'll get to it soon. If you thought you were 'rid of
me' I'll apologize in advance............;-