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Default Scholar Weather Progress Energy in Hot Water(stole 146 M)

On Dec 14, 8:04*am, (G=EMC^2 Glazier) wrote:
Its 82F at 11am (WOW) *Heavy air has the water evaporating faster. It
makes heavy air. easy prediction knowing this is lots and lots of snow
this winter. It will melt faster and bring lots of bad flooding this
spring. All my predictions come out of probability,but I keep the
chances in my favor by thinking good science and watching our weather
satellites on TV. *Bert *PS I always have the fear that nightbat might
replace me

Bert, quit bragging about your Florida winter summer-like weather! A
balmy 33F here in high tech Hillsboro at 10:00 AM PST. Wind S at 1
mph. Humidity 98%. Expected high is 41F. Sky cloudy with a chance
of rain. I-5 is where all the big accidents happen here. They have
built a new commuter train that goes halfway to the state capital of
Salem. You can now connect with a bus line from Salem. Makes sense
because there are a lot of state jobs down there. But they should
have made the train go all the way! It's only 45 miles. (Damn half
ass projects!)