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Default Why me dost thou call good? no one [is] good except One

Warhol Stayed at motels,and read the bible on the toilet,so I can say
with authority its a boring book. I did a shtick on David and Goliath
that gave the story some good humor. That is why those that wrote the
old and new testaments were lousy writers They had not a drop of humor.
Bible was not Freudian. To beget was another name for ****. It did not
even make a good sci fiction novel.,because its hocus pocus was not that
interesting. Like Jesus made water into wine. I like nude girls crushing
grapes jumping up and down crushing grapes much better. Would rather
lick the grape juice of a pretty girl feet than off the feet of a male
God I think all Gods are gay Not that there is anything wrong in
that.(Steinfield) TreBert Ps I am a confirmed atheist