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One thought is to find the best deal you can on the web, then have it
shipped to a Miami post office "General Deliver". This is like Poste
Restante. They will hold it for your arrival. Just make sure it is ordered
in time to arrive before you do.


Being from the area ,i can tell you it is better to use the Web to buy a
telescope that to get it locally in Miami.Hope that this help


I'm going on holidays early April in Miami, and I plan to buy a
telescope there so I need your help. I saw that these instruments are
much cheaper in the USA than here in France, so I want to take the
opportunity. I'll have only a few days over there, so if someone can
tell me exactly where is the best place to buy in Miami that would help
me a lot.

I'm almost sure I want a Meade ETX-90AT or ETX-105AT (with tripod).
Since I'll have no way to return it after a few days, I don't need any
warranty other than a refund-if-it-doesn't-work-at-first. I'm looking
for the cheapest place, of course, but one that take care of their
instruments. If possible I'd also like to buy some extra occulars for
the telescope.

Can anyone help me, please.

Thanks in advance!