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On Tue, 9 Jan 2018 09:19:20 +0000, WA0CKY

I don't use or read USENET. The forum I'm posting to is SpaceBanter.
They do copy posts to USENET but it is SpaceBanter that deletes posts.
Sometimes quickly sometimes weeks later. It's users of SpaceBanter that
are yelling at me for deleting posts and URLs they have bookmarked. I
spend too much time reposting lost URLs. CloudyNights doesn't delete
posts at will like SpaceBanter. They don't crosspost to USENET so
follow me in the CCD/CMOS forum at CloudyNights if you wish. I respond
to all posts there and Private Messages. You do have to join to post
either but not follow me. No cost to join. Latest:


thank you for your nice, kind and considerate reply.
Sorry, but I don't do websites for things like Usenet, not even
Google groups. Once, a long way back in the darkness of pre-history, I
liked Deja-news but they went away (became the all-consuming Google)
so I reverted back to Usenet by way of Agent.
It's a phobia or something.
Old age, maybe.
I liked your pretties and I'll miss them.
Thank you for all of the work you've done brightening our lives for
so many years. It was appreciated.