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Default The Space Race was about Power Projection - Miles O'Brien

In article ,

I've been explaining this for the better part of two decades here on this forum. Well in the wake of John Glenn's death, Miles O'Brien was on PBS News Hour and explains:

"You know, when you think of NASA and what the space program is all about, it was, you know, kind of a Cold War projection of soft power of the United States." - Miles O'Brien

PBS NewsHour full episode Dec. 8, 2016

So he hasn't come fully on board, because for whatever reason he felt the need to invent this term "soft power", which I've never heard when referring to nuclear ICBM boosters.

The Space Race absolutely was due to the Cold War. It was a projection
of technological, economic, and ideological power. Capitalism over
communism. Representative democracy over a Marxist?Leninist one party

Just listen to the Kennedy tape where he tells the then NASA
Administrator that Apollo/Saturn was being funded at such high levels to
beat the Soviets to the moon and not for any other reason!

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