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Default The First Known Interstellar Comet

On Saturday, October 28, 2017 at 4:40:54 PM UTC+1, palsing wrote:
Like I said before, Gerald, it would a take years for you to un-learn the astronomy that you *think* you know now, for a vast majority of it is just plain wrong...

There is no wrong in the stars and for my part in the journey through life and with each cycle, the familiar changes are like old friends even without the motions behind those changes. In San Diego those changes are not as distinctive or dramatic as where I live but just for observing the celestial arena you certainly have the better location by far.

I left a perspective unexplained in the hope that you or someone really familiar with the scheme of left/right,evening/morning appearance that doesn't survive in an RA/Dec framework. This is the language of the new software which runs observations off the Earth's orbital motion alone instead of the restrictive celestial sphere convenience -