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Default ASTRO: Arp 288/ NGC 5221/5222/5230

We had an almost unreal interval of good weather last new moon, don't
remember if it were six or seven clear nights with only one cloudy night in
Unfortunately I was too lazy to join some astro chaps from Berlin on a trip
to better skies, but at least I got a lot of exposure time from Berlin.
Transparency was mostly good, but it was quite windy at times. My (rather)
new AZ-EQ6 mount coped quite well with this. The AZ-EQ won't replace the G11
as the G11 (tuned with an Ovision worm) still tracks better, but the AZ-EQ6
is much easier to handle and much more fun, my G11 doesn't even have Goto.

My main target was Arp 288 (NGC 5221/5222) with the added bonus of NGC 5230.
All three are about 300 million light years away according to Guide9, so
they seem to belong to a physical group of galaxies. As the tidal tail of
NGC 5221 is very faint in my image I have also included an inverted version.

Taken from Berlin with a 10" Meade ACF at f/8, AZ-EQ6 mount, Trius SX694
camera, 41x7.5min Lum, 19x7.5min RGB each.


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