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Default The Space Race was about Power Projection - Miles O'Brien

From Scott M. Kozel:
No you would not. The shuttle would provide only a very limited first strike that would impact a very limited area, leaving about 99% of the
Soviet first strike assets intact, whereby in about 30 minutes they would be impacting all over the U.S. Not a feasible idea, IMHO.

Perhaps you did not see my reply to David two days previous to yours here.

And even is someone has the full plan explained to them, it's easy to picture them giving all kinds of reasons why such a plan would not work.

Consider these trick plays in football:

"Greatest Trick Plays in Football History"

There was a coach somewhere who dreamt up these plays. And there were probably people around that coach saying why these plays will never work. Yet they were tried. And they worked.

Sun Tzu would have a few words here about the Fog of War.

When this topic was started here, it was intended to be totally hypothetical. But it would appear that the upcoming Trump Administration is making the possibility of WWIII much greater than it has been in past decades. The infamous tweet included the words:

"...until such time as the world comes to its senses regarding nukes"

Here is a person whose comprehension of the concept of leadership is very curious, because as the most powerful leader on the planet, you have the ability to point the world in the direction of sanity.

~ CT