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Default Report: 'Progress' fireball nearly hit Chilean jetliner over southern Pacific

In article .com,
Warhol wrote:

On Mar 28, 7:21 pm, Pat Flannery wrote:
Jim Oberg wrote:
that is, if you can disregard a 12-hour scheduling discrepancy...

And the fact that the debris was probably around fifty miles above the jet.


oh gosh darn golly gee willickers...

That debris is an Asteroid... and more cometh... WARHOL TOLD YE... IT

Soon ... very Soon You May Hear that Voice say... WARHOL is the
Beloved... Right ... TYRE and your sisters your hour Cometh, By
night... swift as an thieve.... as Promised by the Black Book...

your evil King fault... he dreamed to sit on the crown of the beloved
Son of heaven... Now the hour of Revenge is CometH..

"reported that the rumbling noise from the space debris could be heard
over the noise of the aircraft.

"He described he saw a piece of debris lighting up as it re-entered
[the earth's atmosphere].

Astronomers... Prepare evacuation of the low lands around the Atlantic
Ocean... and check the Sky day and Night... It may save some lost

Oh dear, cometH dooooooooooooooom again.

How boring.

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