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Default open challenge to Michael Wright NOVA's Antikythera Mechanismapplied to Sun's 220km/sec Chapt16.15 Gravity Cells #1471 ATOM TOTALITY 5th ed

On Apr 5, 3:50¬*pm, pete wrote:
Archimedes Plutonium wrote:

The worlds first computer-- Antikythera Mechanism
may lead to the clue of the Solar System solid body rotation.

I hate it when they describe
the oldest known example of something,
as being the first.


But do you hate it when they teach that Earth is gravitationally
locked to the Sun by
Newtonian gravity or General Relativity which in fact is impossible if
the Sun is moving with a speed of 220km/sec yet Earth speed is a mere
29km/sec? That is something you should hate more.

I am trying to get Michael Wright of the UK who was involved with the
NOVA Antikythera mechanism, to see if he can build a Antikythera which
is heliocentric. And then if he can adjust the mechanism to include
all the speeds involved-- Mercury 47km/sec Earth 29km Jupiter 13 km/
sec Uranus 6km/sec and most important of all, Sun at 220km/sec. A
model of scale, but I think it is impossible for any model because of
the 220km/sec.

Now I think it is possible if one more gear wheel is included in
Michael Wright's model, for if he would add one more gear wheel for
which the entire model rests at the center of the Sun and this gear
wheel spins the entire box around in a circle of a complete revolution
of 110 days. That one extra gear wheel will nullify the 220km/sec of
the Sun.

I hope Mr. Wright takes up this challenge and I further hope that Mike
Edmunds the astronomer for the NOVA "Ancient Computer" and Tony Freeth
the mathematician in that program help out in this endeavor.

Basically I am saying it is impossible to have a true model of the Sun
and planets when the Sun has 220km/sec motion in Space. And it is
possible to have a true model if one more gear wheel is engineered so
that it makes null the 220 km/sec and spins the Solar Ecliptic so that
the planets all have their actual orbital speeds.


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