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Default ASTRO: NGC 2146 repost from last year

Most sources say it interacted with NGC 2146A (about 18 minutes NE).
That galaxy looks like a faint M64 in that it too has a black eye. My
to do list includes trying to get both in one shot. Not sure if I can
find an appropriate guide star but will give it a try if the clouds ever
go away. It finally warmed up putting an end to my frost problem but
the clouds moved in. Can't seem to win. Nor can most judging from the
lack of posts of late. I've apparently had better luck than most, just
doesn't feel that way.


LA wrote:

A classic!! BTW, what's going on with that Galaxy? It looks like its
getting torn apart. An excellent capture Stefan. Clear Skyz, LA

"Stefan Lilge" wrote in message

I don't have any new stuff, so I'll just repost one picture from last year.
NGC 2146 is one of my favourite galaxies.

Taken from the middle of Berlin with an 8" SCT at f/6.3, SXV-H9 camera,