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Default LIGO's Gravitational Waves: Self-Evident Fake

New Scientist: "Must we topple Einstein to let physics leap forward again?"

New Scientist: "Saving time: Physics killed it. Do we need it back? [...] Einstein landed the fatal blow at the turn of the 20th century."

New Scientist: "Is it time to free physics from Einstein's legacy?"

Technically, "to free physics from Einstein's legacy" is easy - you denounce Einstein's constant-speed-of-light nonsense and relativity, entirely predicated on the nonsense, automatically collapses. The problem is that the idiotic metastases (e.g. time travel, gravitational time dilation) are now inherent in the culture of our civilization - removing them may produce an incurable psychological trauma and greatly accelerate the decline of the civilization. So, paradoxically, obeying the slogan "Divine Einstein Forever" may turn out to be the least harmful strategy:

"Divine Einstein! No-one's as divine as Albert Einstein not Maxwell, Curie, or Bohr! His fame went glo-bell, he won the Nobel - He should have been given four! No-one's as divine as Albert Einstein, Professor with brains galore! No-one could outshine Professor Einstein! He gave us special relativity, That's always made him a hero to me! No-one's as divine as Albert Einstein, Professor in overdrive!"

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