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On Monday, September 30, 2019 at 4:42:29 PM UTC-7, hanson wrote:
SWINEBert "reber G=emc^2" said:
"since I am a hate-mongering, compulsive Face-****ter and it does
NOT matter at all, what I just posted, cuz I left out that I have,
1st and foremost, ALWAYS-ONLY-ONE-THING-on-my-mind,
namely to do ALL those deeds-from-item-(1)-to-item-(5):

On 07Feb 2015 & on 08Feb2015, Face-****ter Glazier wrote:
Harlow Campbell HVAC, ,
& Saul Levy
& Jacoby Benj, :
"I'll be sitting on your faces to take a **** & say: "Open wide".

On 06Dec2014, when the Christian-Hater, JewPigBert Glazier
said to "benj"
"Reality is you always post under me for you are an ass kisser.
For Christmas I'll **** on your kisser."
"Benj, you can thank me in advance". - TreBert. ... addinng

On 03Aug2017:
"benj, you eat **** and your ****ty brain is coming out your ears."
On 20Jul2018:
Benj, my posts are way over your head.Reality is your head
is up your ass.So fart it out before you get constipated.Bert

On 25Mar2008, the criminal Graveyard Vandal Glazier wrote in:!msg/sci.physics/uYtpFTRnW4k/morPVyJ7_j8J
"Hanson, I will **** on your grave. And have a good laugh
when it seeps down on your face". -- Bert

On 24Jun2018 SwineBert Glazier said to
Mark Earnest "your nose is
in a **** bucket all the time. Eat **** and you fit" -- Bert

"That is a given", "Go figure","Get the picture", Bert
"Being Jewish I know this is so very true". Bert. "O ya",

Hello hanson, old fried, on of the last loyal readers of and posters to my thread!

A lovely fall day here. Sun is shining, sky is clear, but no hot weather! Now 62F as of 4:15 PM here in Gresham. Wind NE at 6 mph. Humidity 33%. No more rain expected until tomorrow night.