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Default Autumn in Gresham

On Monday, September 23, 2019 at 4:04:33 PM UTC-7, Double-A wrote:
A nice autumn day for the beginning of autumn here in Gresham. Sun through clouds, and staying dry. Now 66F as 0f 4:00 PM here. Wind SW at 6 mph. Humidity 53%.

The time for raking leaves will soon be here. Monday Night Football is here, if only on the radio for us poor folk. Oktoberfests are underway! I hope I can make it to at least one! The kids are back in school. And that is good.


No leaves in Anaheim.No shade.No rain and no clouds.No Earthquakes,floods.or hig winds.Weather here is boring.Last night slept badly it was to warm at 3am. Very quite as I type this post at the Anaheim Senior Center.Nobody is shooting pool.To warm for the beach,or fish,0r sail.Center is cool.Library cant make it when you have google.bert