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Greg Neill
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Default another what if?

"Zdenek Jizba" wrote in message ...

CeeBee wrote:

Zdenek Jizba wrote

What if governments have been aware of the
existence of Alien visitors

What if you start posting in alt.alien groups instead of in an astronomy

I tried that for three days. The responses were unreal and my
thread was re-named "Erotic images". It is very likely that this will
be my last posting anyway. My ISP has shut off my access to
newsgroups twice already. A third time and I am out. (my posting
is almost exclusively to alt.astronomy, but occasionally I post to
alt.math.recreational and alt.stamps.collect)

Perhaps you should begin by solving the little mystery
of why your ISP would cut your access to usenet.
Something to do with too many complaints about your
behaviour perhaps?