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Zdenek Jizba
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Default another what if?

"J. Scott Miller" wrote:

Zdenek Jizba wrote:
What if governments have been aware of the
existence of Alien visitors (with bases on Phobos
and Eros).

So, what you are saying is that governments around the world which inherently do
not trust each other, as evidenced by many current conflicts, would all agree to
this one thing - hide alien existence for all people of the world.

I am not saying anything like that. Don't you understand the phrase
"What if?". Besides, personally I do not have any positive evidence
of alien existence. I DO HAVE some clues that in my opinion need
to be investigated. As a matter of fact, if you read carefully some of
my threads you will find that I have serious doubts about any success
of SETI. As far as the so called alien artifacts near the "face" of Mars,
my interpretation is that they are erosional features produced by joints
or faults.

Let me make
this simple for you - if I had such knowledge, there is no amount of money I
could be offered not to blow the lid off of such a blatant world government lie.
And I consider myself a pretty patriotic type of guy.

I do hope you will not be placed in the position to put money where
your mouth is.

What if it is impossible to reveal that
knowledge because then the aliens would also
find out?

How ridiculous is this statement - the aliens would also find out there are aliens?

Yes I agree, it is a ridiculous statement written solely to provoke
serious discussion.

What if there is an intensive inter
governmental effort to develop secret defenses
against the very remote likelihood of these Alien's

See statement above about the world wide global cooperation of nations that now
exists in our world today (NOT!).

Why don't you make your point as an argument rather than a personal attack?

Zdenek (Denny) Jizba

P.S.: If the objects on Eros and Phobos are
indeed alien artifacts, in my opinion they may
have been abandoned millions of years ago.

They are not artifacts. They are simply wishful thinking on the part of those
that want to make money off of gullible folks like yourself.

As I read this phrase, I tried to recall ANY incident in my past where
my opinions might have been influenced regarding this specific subject.
To the best of my recollection nobody influenced me.