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Ron Miller
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Default another what if?

They look like rocks to me. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, you

You say very definitely that these are "NOT" boulders---but you don't
explain why you say this. What makes you think they are not?

Just because you have no explanation for something does not mean that it is
forever inexplicable---only that you do not have enough information.


"Zdenek Jizba" wrote in message

Ron Miller wrote:

And what if pigs could fly? There are no alien bases on Phobos or Eros

on Mars, either, for that matter), so it's all rather pointless


Your response implies that you know what you are talking about.
So presumably you have knowledge of all the pertinent images.
There are two images of Eros for which I have no explanation,
(and have never seen one that would satisfy my personal
knowledge. I am a geologist) The images can be found at

(this one is hard to explain, but from the geological point of
view the next one just does not have an explanation

The three objects I would like to bring to your attention are
the two mounds (jpl calls them "boulders" which they are NOT)
and the large aspect ratio needle like object next to them.
Unfortunately a close up image of these three objects shown
on a later image of the day were later removed from the archive.