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jonathan wrote:
Super Collider? The ultimate in reductionist goals. This type of science
defines the most useless, most irrelevant and least meaningful kind
of science defines 'pure' science.

I'm still keen to see CERN crank it up...about the time that Stephen
Hawking thinks: "Did I make a slip there? Was that a plus where a minus
should have gone in that formula around thirty years ago?"
Then, in around a matter of a hour or so, the entire solar system
collapses into the black hole where Earth used to be.
Many would be appalled to conceive of such a possibility.
I'd find that to be absolutely hilariously funny. :-D


Don't worry, Brian (the brain) Cox is ready to step into Hawking's shoes
when nothing happens -- or should I say his wheelchair?
In watching BBC's "Horizon" the optimistic glow on the fresh young
face of that nutter restored my undying faith in the absolute (not even
relative) stupidity of theoretical physicists.