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Default United States Falling Behind EVERYONE In Physics, Science, Rockets,EVERYTHING.

jonathan wrote:

"kT" wrote in message

Super Collider? The ultimate in reductionist goals. This type of science
defines the most useless, most irrelevant and least meaningful kind
of science defines 'pure' science.

Shhhhhhh ... don't let them in on the secret!

It's the only edge we've got anymore.


We're not in the midst of a plan to colonize the moon and mars.
Where in a race to build the Star Ship Enterprise!

And a free electron laser VUV spectroscopy facility!

O' oh, I feel another song coming on!

I'm going to try to codify this phenomenon in a research proposal.

Perhaps it can be reversed, but I doubt it.

Thirty years of Reagan Idiocracy.

Which is a mere prelude to reversing the idiocracy and building the
rocket which will allow us to deliver the components of the star ship
Enterprise to low Earth orbit, to be subsequently assembled. la ISS.