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Default United States Falling Behind EVERYONE In Physics, Science, Rockets, EVERYTHING.

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Super Collider? The ultimate in reductionist goals. This type of science
defines the most useless, most irrelevant and least meaningful kind
of science defines 'pure' science.

I would bet after all the billions and decades spent on such
a collider, the information and data gained would be
comprehensible and/or useful to perhaps a couple dozen
people in the entire world. Everyone else would have
to take their word for it the whole effort accomplished
anything. This new collider is the result of snobbish
European politicians being taken advantage of by some
gibberish speaking physicists with Big Degrees.

And what about the huge hole in the ground the Euros
have been throwing money into for decades called
fusion power?

We gave up on our big collider because enough people
....over here...realized the idiocy of the entire concept.

Even though most here are still ignorant of this fact, we're
now in the scientific error of complexity (systems)...not
reductionism (smashing things into little-bitty-pieces).
Where the attempt is to comprehend the properties which
occur as a result of the /totality/ of reality and it's near infinite
interactions and randomness. Instead of stomping reality
into dust if that'll make sense of anything.

You've forgotten how far ahead the US is with complexity science.
Somehow I think the Euro snobs will be slow to accept these
new ideas.

The Use of Complexity Science
A survey of federal departments and agencies.

"Almost every federal department was found to have
some type of complexity-related research underway."

Ask yourself, how can one scientific discipline apply
to ....every dept? From defense to education. From
agriculture to Los Alamos? Doesn't that get anyone's curiosity???
One science that redefines...all other disciplines ...including
hard, soft and philosophical.

Complexity defines the exact opposite in method from a collider.

Smashing everything into little-bitty-pieces in order to figure
out why we're here is literally a method resulting from our instincts
....our ANIMAL instincts. Which seeks to find certainty and simplicity
as a source of comfort in an ever changing and dangerous forest.
Our animal/caveman instincts prefers to pounce on that which
changes/moves or is different, or that which stands out from
the background.

And then we seek to find predictability in the way such things change
or move, to become better at the predator/prey game.

Only through our intellect will we grasp that the opposite frame of
complexity/uncertainty is the source of the most important properties
of nature and reality. It's what's common to all, the background, which
produces the source of our existence and predictability of the future.
Randomness and the fog of uncertainty generate spontaneous
cyclic order and provide the impetus for the common evolution
of the physical and living realms. Not particle properties.

As with a cloud, where neither condensation or evaporation dominate.
Or a market system, where neither the producer or consumer dominate.
Or a society, where neither law or freedom dominate.

Where both opposites extremes are intractably entangled, so that
one can't tell which-is-which, so that neither and both persistently
dominate. This is the system wide property which produces
the impetus for spontaneous order...for evolution and
self tuning or self organization.

As with evolution, where neither genetics or mutation dominate.
Or neither gravity or cosmic expansion for a universe.
Or where neither matter or energy dominates as with light.

Where neither static of chaotic behavior dominates..order

At the union of opposite extremes, where classical and quantum
methods both fail, are intractably entangled, is the one place
where meaning and the ultimate source of nature is found.

Where uncertainty is highest is the source of order.
Science needs to change it's frame from seeking certainty
in the components, to uncertainty in a system.

The search for truth is now a search for uncertainty/complexity.

All you Dark Agers out there need to be told this at least once.
So you can't go saying it was kept from you all this time.

One look at NASA's Orion on Ares I (Constellation) and it's easy to see, up
front and personal, the tragic and inevitable decline of science, physics and
rocketry in the United States. The rest of the world has already noticed, but
Americans are too wrapped up in their vanities to see what is already
glaringly obvious to the most casual of observers.

So you believe all that ability has vanished? Because our military
seems to be producing all kinds of interesting systems when
it comes to missile defense. Don't you understand just how
militaristic the Bush/Cheney administration has been?
The military comes first in all these areas, and they've been
in a race to militarize space for some time now.

All this means is that the very latest advances are all classified.
What they admit to building is probably ten or fifteen year old

We're not in the midst of a plan to colonize the moon and mars.
Where in a race to build the Star Ship Enterprise!

We're not that far from replacing guns and rockets with
lasers and microwave weapons ya know.

I'm going to try to codify this phenomenon in a research proposal.

Perhaps it can be reversed, but I doubt it.

Thirty years of Reagan Idiocracy.