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Default United States Falling Behind EVERYONE In Physics, Science, Rockets, EVERYTHING.

"BradGuth" wrote in message

Thomas Elifritz kT wrote:
"...the tragic and inevitable decline of science,
physics and rocketry in the United States.
The rest of the world has already noticed, but
Americans are too wrapped up in their vanities to
see what is already glaringly obvious to the most
casual of observers."
I'm going to try to codify this phenomenon in a
research proposal.
Perhaps it can be reversed, but I doubt it.
Thirty years of Reagan Idiocracy.

"BradGuth" wrote
And do you really think there's not been a Zionist/Nazi
psychopath or bipolar cartel/cabal of faith-based
Idiocracy hard at work?
With the truth(s) becoming exposed, what's not at risk
of failing before our dumbfounded eyes?
What part of our frequent "told you so" still doesn't
register with the intentionally uneducated and
misinformed public?
Once in perpetual denial as to a given lie that has
been a mainstream corner stone of ones entire life,
of whatever's left to work with isn't hardly worth
salvaging, now is it.

hanson wrote:
ahahahaha... All those symptoms you guys
bellyache about are simply & only the groans
that arise out of the loud noises from the
for its role in a Global economy... ahahaha...
Thanks for the laughs.... ahahahanson